The reference photo for this piece was taken in Australia. This is the original photo:

Before working on the pastel drawing based on this photo, I enhanced the colours and contrast this way:

And then, this is my pastel work created using this photo:

By comparing the photo and the drawing this way, you can clearly tell that the colours and the contrast are even more enhanced in my pastel work. This work, especially the use of colours may look a bit unnatural, but I like the work this way. Because the title of this work is “we need to talk”, meaning that the bird on the left is approaching to the bird on the right with certain “determination”, sort of. So a little bit of dramatic blue colour looks like working well for the drama these two birds are currently facing! 😛

While I was working on this piece, I thought I was pretty obedient to the reference photo, but as it turned out, my work became something pretty original. This may because of the fact that I was working in a bit dark room. The day when I drew this work, it was very hot in the room so I pulled a curtain to make my room cooler. So perhaps I did not realise I used a much brighter colour.

Anyways, I have a convincing(?) explanation about the flashy blue in relation to the meaning of this piece of work, plus I am satisfied with the good enough shininess of the ocean and the shore, I think I can include this officially in my portfolio!