One of my pastel drawings titled “wildness of trees” was selected as the first Member’s Minute episode in 2020.
In Feb, it is going to be a whole year since I joined the Virtual Instructor and my submission was selected 4 times, 6 pieces of artworks in total during the year.
My first goal was to complete an artwork which I believe I can submit anyway, so I think I did work very hard to have come thus far!

The most major point referred to about this work for improvement was the necessity to define a clear focal point. Specifically, bumping up the contrast of some part of this work was suggested as one solution.
That is…


I am sure that this approach would work fine, but given that the theme of this piece is “wildness of trees”, I suspect if it is necessary to define such a clear focal point. Of course the theme of a drawing is not equal to the focal point and I guess Matt surely knows it and yet thinks that there should be something working as a focal point for a purely artistic reason.

Anyways, integrating the things pointed out during the critique, I take it that I should be careful not to consider my works complete just because they are close to the reference photos. I knew it and actually made some changes from the reference when creating this pastel piece, but it was not good enough.
I often hear Matt saying something to the effect that we are not producing the replicas of the photos, and looks like I should keep this more firmly in my mind.