This work is based on this photo which I took with my fist DSLR:

I joined this photo-shooting tour in Karuizawa just the next day after I bought this camera. I had no time to learn about how to use the camera, so I took almost all the photos with a full-automatic setting. This explains the little bit too crispy contrast of the brighter part of the scene. I wanted to change it in my pastel drawing. I also wanted to make the brown section a little bit redder to emphasize the autumn season atmosphere.

For the darkest and bold shadows, I added a little bit more black than usual. I usually do not use black so much for any sort of shadows; for bushes for example, I prefer applying purple heavily on very dark green. But for this particular piece, adding purple alone on the brownish red did not produce necessary contrast. So I added some more black, and then again, added purple on the black to soften the impression. I think this efforts worked well for this piece.