My solo exhibition planned in May 2020 is going to be held in my hometown. But I had been away from my hometown for decades until I came back two years ago, so now I am almost a stranger around here. Which means, I cannot rely on my old friends or acquaintances for attracting guests to the exhibition. Therefore I decided to have some PR events prior to the exhibition. One is a postcard exhibition at a local restaurant and the other is a ballpoint-pen drawing workshop at a local flea market.

I am planning to present some lovely interior decor ideas using the postcards of my artworks. Compared to houses in the US, Australia, or anywhere I have visited so far, the houses in Japan are mostly much smaller, so it is hard to decorate the walls with large artworks. Postcards are much more handy as well as reasonable to brighten up small rooms. I would like to show some convincing examples of how to do it using the postcards designed by myself.

At the planned workshop at a flea market, I am going to have the participants draw something simple using a ballpoint pen. I have actually prepared some drawing materials using my recent tree drawings which include a paper with the sketch, drawing manual, and the example of completed works. But I suspect that they could be too difficult for beginners, so I am now thinking of preparing something easier. This is also going to be a rehearsal for the exhibition in May because I am going to do the same thing as one of the attraction events at the exhibition.

The postcard exhibition and the flea market are both to be held in February next year, meaning that I can take good enough time for the preparation while working on the film making! 🙂