OK, so I watched the first four videos of The Pen and Ink Experience series, and I did try drawing my first work using one of my own photos:

I came up with the title “five hundred years of glare” for the original photo when I was traveling in Madagascar and heard from the tour guide that these Baobab trees have been there for over 500 years. I was thinking about how many things happened in our human society during the 500 years, how much things have changed during the time, and couldn’t help but be amazed at how differently the “time” means for trees and for us humans. I really loved the Baobab’s detached manner, hence the title.

This is one of the scenes used in my next animation, that’s why the aspect ratio is 16:9, i.e. pretty horizontally long format.
The exact size of the paper is 290mmx163mm and it took me 2:45 to complete this work.

I actually used a ballpoint pen. This is because I know this is the pen which a popular Japanese pen-artist, Shohei Otomo uses to create his artworks. I remember he once said in an interview that he used to do oil paintings before but he wondered if he might be able to attract more ordinary people if he used an inexpensive art tool. That’s how he started ballpoint pen drawing for which he’s become famous.

I looked at his works and got very curious to see if a ballpoint pen will work for my artworks too.
Looks like it does 

Anyways, this work is going to be converted into something like the one used in the eye-catcher when used in the film.

Hope you like it!

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five hundred years of glare(by pen)
five hundred years of glare(photo)