A friend of mine has long been a jazz guitar player and for the recent few years he has been hosting a jam session regularly specifically designed for senior music lovers. One of the members of the session moved to Seattle so my friend and some of the other jam-session members traveled all the way to Seattle to see him and enjoy a jam session overseas for the first time. There, my friend took a photo of Mt.Rainier and shared it on his facebook page. The photo looked just so pleasing to me because awfully heavy clouds were covering the beautiful mountain and looked very assertive, as if to say “Well, everyone admires Mt. Rainier and considers me as a foil to it. BUT I want to stand in the spotlight once in a while ! “
Hence the pastel landscape(?) drawing titled “Mt. Rainier upstaged by clouds” as shown in the eye-catcher.

Well, I don’t think that my friend took this photo with such an intention. But I really liked that he anyways took a photo at this timing while many people would have waited for the “better” occasion for photo-shooting of Mr. Rainier; i.e. when you can see the entire mountain with no view-blocking clouds around. But I much prefer the photo which my friend took because it could have a lot more variety of implications. My interpretation introduced above is one of them, but this scene could also mean “hidden summit”, which may for some people mean a lot for their career pursuit or path to achieve their lifetime goals.

As I am fundamentally a filmmaker, I find drawings or paintings which make me feel stories behind them far more appealing. This episode shows this tendency of mine very clearly 🙂