I found a stump print on the Instagram one day and thought I could produce something like this using a ballpoint pen.
I guess the real stump prints are prepared by adding ink on real tree stumps and then putting papers on them. I looked for other similar works and found out that Mr.Brian Nash Gill created a wide variety of stump prints.

Anyways, this is the beginning phase of this drawing…

It is important that you use vertical lines, not horizontal lines, to develop the yearly growth rings. Once finished, check the digital data of the image, and if you find the black parts being too light, then add some horizontal lines and again draw vertical lines over the horizontal lines to make the work more natural.

If you start with the outer rings, you may be surprised by how long it takes to complete a single ring! However, as you go on toward the centre of the stump, it becomes shorter and shorter to finish one yearly ring.

This is the final piece:

I also tried preparing a sepia version of this drawing, got it framed like you can see in the eye-catch image of this post.