In this member’s minute episode, there is a bit of explanation of the abstract art.

While I was listening to this explanation, I had an eureka moment; I realised that some of the Chinese characters we use in Japan are actually the abstract art because they are the Chinese version of hieroglyph. Hieroglyph is also referred to as pictographic symbol or even more directly, “picture writing”.

I will show you an example…

This chart shows how a representational image of the moon goes through a progressive abstraction process and finally becomes the shape of the letter we currently use. The image at the last of the chart means “the moon” by this single letter because it originates from the shape of the real moon.

This also reminds me of an artwork which I purchased from a Japanese calligrapher some time ago.

The title of this artwork is “Clair de Lune”, meaning the moonlight, and it is not just the moonlight but the specific moonlight composed by Debussy.

I found this artwork at the calligrapher’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo, where she showed a series of calligraphy artworks aiming to express the realm of music and sounds. There was also an artwork which illustrated “Imagine” by John Lennon, which I bought as well.

This is “Imagine”.

After this exhibition, she made a huge step forward, which you can perhaps see from one of her latest works, “from ballerina to flower” .

Maybe not many of the VI members are so familiar with this, sort of, “extreme” style of abstract art, but if any of you are leaning toward trying to create abstract art for yourself, checking out calligraphy art, or perhaps some ethnic style of art may help you make a breakthrough so that you can develop your own unique style of abstract art. I myself have been wanting to create a series of abstract works focusing on water, but I haven’t been able to decide on what kind of approaches would be interesting. But thanks to this discovery about abstraction-hieroglyph relationship and the acute sense of abstraction of calligraphic art, looks like I can finally decide my own approach to the new series.

Have you got any particular styles of abstract of your favourite?

eye-catch image: “pure blue“, soft pastel, 2018

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pure blue