When I prepare the digital data of my works, I usually use a scanner at home. As the size of the scanner is A4, all I draw is basically within A4. When I am drawing a pen work, I can draw very detailed work even with an A4 paper, but when I use soft pastels, it is pretty hard to work on detailed subjects. So I decided to draw something simple. I also have some SM size pastel toned papers, which are even smaller than A4, so I would like to use them for drawing something very simple.

The work in the eye-catcher, “hope”, is the first piece of work included in the going-simple series, using a SM size paper. I was going to title the new series as “simple landscapes”, the concept of which is to draw landscapes as simply as possible, focusing on the composition, colour usage, and the idea behind the selection of the scenes, instead of cramming many things into the picture plane. But I thought twice and realised that this idea could be applied to many different artistic subjects, not only landscapes. So I changed the title to just “going simple”.

It took me only an hour to complete “hope”. But I spent more than three hours yesterday working on the initial version of the same work, which I decided that ended up in failure. This is the previous version:

I eventually gave up on this work basically because I made the second seagull too dark. This is an A4 work and I used my pastel pencils to draw the seagulls and I have to say the largest one is the only one I felt comfortable to draw using the pastel pencils. The other two were just too small to handle. This was especially so because I don’t have a grey pastel pencil. I had to mix black and white within very tiny spaces of the bird wings, which I found frustrating. I did not want to repeat the same thing with the next version of this work.
I also found this work including too many things for the “going simple” series. I also though the colour usage was too conventional. So I decided to turn it down.
I am happy with the second version.