It was close to evening when I walked past this place in Madagascar so everything looked a lot more desolate here. I took the photo here and years later I offered the photo to my pastel class instructor. She drew a pastel work based on the photo, where she somehow altered the atmosphere of the scene to something entirely opposite. I remember clearly how impressed I was when I looked at her interpretation of the scenery. She used the subject in one of her classes, so I drew this scene once last year, but it did not turn out to be anything satisfactory. So i gave it a try again, and made it pretty fairy-tale-like.

The local tour guide said the baobab trees were around 500 years old.
Then there must have been such a time when this field looked like this piece of pastel work.

FYI: I have also drawn a ballpoint-pen work based on the photo. The pen work looks much closer to the original photo.