I have taken some time to draw a variety of cat-poses in pack. I wanted to develop my skills to draw cats more quickly because in my next film, many, many cats will make appearance. If I need to take hours to draw every one of them, I won’t be able to complete the film forever…so I tried preparing a lot of pencil sketches of cats at first and then moved on to ballpoint pen drawing to complete the works. Looks like this approach worked well for my skills development; now I am pretty confident that I can complete one cat drawing with this level of detail within 30 minutes.

It feels so good that the freedom I get becomes larger bit by bit. A few weeks ago, I needed to spend so much time just observing a reference photo and prepare the sketch, so I used to be already tired before I started working on a ballpoint pen drawing. But apparently I have become a lot quicker to grasp the overall shape and the balance of cats body parts and their positioning so it feels much easier and more comfortable with the sketching process.
Furthermore, I was not sure whether the final pen drawings would be good ones just by looking at my sketches, but now I can tell from the sketches that the final works would turn out to be great. In other words, if there are anything which could jeopardize the final results, I can identify them in my sketches, so I can correct them before I start working on the pen-drawing part.

My ultimate purpose of this exercise is that I become able to draw any cats poses without using photo references. Cats are to be starring in the film, which means I must prepare a lot more different types of cats in different poses so that they perfectly fit in the scenes of the film. If I keep relying on photo references, I must invest too much time in just looking for usable photos, which I feel too inconvenient.
It is not easy to obtain complete freedom to draw cats, but once you got it, just imagine how big the reward could be. I could utilize the skill not only for the film-making, but for any sorts of designing projects in the future.