I prepared this decor for the PR exhibition at a local restaurant.
I was originally going to simply put many postcards on the wall, but the restaurant manager asked me to complete the installation within an hour, and I thought that would be a bit short to put the numbers of postcards I was thinking.
Furthermore, I did not want to damage the postcards using pins, so I looked for some glues specifically designed for exhibiting art items on the wall. I found some nice products, but given that the exhibition would be held for over a month, I suspected that the glue might cause some stain on the wallpaper.

Therefore, I searched for some good ideas to decorate postcards by checking Pinterst etc., and then found this driftwood decor.
I really loved this idea because I could not only exhibit my postcards in a very efficient way, but also make a pretty appealing proposal on how to utilize postcards for interior decoration.

The only issue with this idea was that I had to draw completely new works to compile a couple of the ornaments by the opening day of the exhibition. The postcards included in one ornament must have a theme to bring unity to the piece, but I did not have such a series of postcards that shared similar taste or style. It was 19 Dec. that the manager told me to do the installation on the 20th Jan, so it was obvious that I needed to hurry.

As it turned out, this pressure worked really well for me. I come up with interesting drawing, filmmaking, creative writing ideas pretty often but they tend to end up as just ideas, not turned into any definitive art forms. That is because it is totally up to myself whether to complete the artworks or not. This time I had a serious commitment with the restaurant manager, so, like it or not, I had to complete the series of new works to meet the deadline. This is how “life per leaf” and “back of cat’s head” series were born!

As to the love of tree series, I had completed four drawings before I started thinking about the PR exhibition. So all I had to do was to add one or two more tree-related drawings. I drew two eventually, which were “I refuse to be a focal point” and “proof of life”.
I managed to complete all the preps for the PR exhibition by the 19th Jan and was able to finish the installation in 50 min !(Yes, I timed myself! )
I hope that people coming to the restaurant have a good meal time with my works 🙂