The first deadline for a film submission next year is the 15th February. I was working on and off with my new film for some time, like preparing the storyboard, selecting the musics, practicing cat drawings with a pen, etc. But the progress was far from satisfactory, so on the 15th Nov, i.e. exactly 3 months before the deadline, I started seriously focusing on the film creation.

My current plan is to complete the preparation of the background artworks by the 15th December. And then move on to the drawing of characters, for which I am going to spend about a month. The last one month will be used for the editing and fine-tuning.

I first checked my Adobe Premiere Elements file for this new film all over again and thought about what kind of artworks I would like to use for each one of the scenes in Chapter 1. Once the wanted artworks became clear, I started looking for reference photos to create the artworks, such as the library, beautiful garden with an old brick arch, exquisite tea set, and so on and on. After all the reference photos were set, I did not start working on the creation of the background artworks using them. Instead, I looked for tree images and started drawing a variety of trees, which would be used as parts of the entire film. This was because preparing artworks of, e.g. library, garden etc., would be very easy because I would not need to alter the reference photos so much for these things. When it comes to trees, though, it would take me much longer to draw, because I would need to develop something completely original using many different reference photos. The preparation of trees drawings would be the “rate-determining step”, so to speak, therefore I decided that this work must be dealt with as the top priority.

This is the first tree drawing which I created:

The second one…

You can see the third one in the eye-catcher.
And the fourth one is this:

Before I stated actually working on these drawings, I had not realised that trees could be drawn in such an improvisational manner. You can see how rough the sketches are by looking at the following photos. All the details of the finished drawings were developed while drawing with a pen, not at the stage of sketching.

I had not realised that there could be so many different ways to draw barks textures and leaves either. For this film, I am going to prepare around 10 types of trees drawings, so this exploration is to be going on for a while.