This is something I drew in March as part of the preparation for my solo exhibition planned in the later May. I wanted to use this design for the postcard sent from the gallery, but I and the gallery have agreed that we should postpone the exhibition until the latter half of this year. Given the circumstances surrounding the serious pneumonia issues, we should not offer any occasions for people gathering, no matter how small it could be.

Anyways, for those who might be interested in drawing something like this, I prepared some videos recording the key steps to complete this work. The videos are shared on my instagram page:

“darkest dark part”

Other than preparing an image for my exhibition announcement, I had another purpose to draw this piece. That was to examine how detailed the drawings should be for my next animated film using pen drawings. My initial plan was to complete this pen-drawing animation by the end of 2019, but once I started preparing some artworks, I realised that you had a very broad choice of level of details with each one of the drawings. I found it difficult to determine which level would be appropriate so I decided to try drawing some key scenes for the film to figure it out. This is the first one, and I will draw a few more to find out the best approach to completing an animated film consisting of pen-drawings.