The cat, the butterflies, and the background lighting(which is a photo which I made half-transparent) were prepared separately and were combined using photoshop. I have been wondering how I can draw the brown fur more efficiently without using too many lines because the overuse of lines tends to make the work look noisy especially when working on a pretty small work(this cat is drawn using an approximately 15 cm square paper). While drawing this calico cat, I have learned that adding some fine lines going along with the flow of the fur is good enough. I will try this approach next time I draw a ginger cat.

As to the idea of this illustration, I have been feeling that cats are pretty expressive and found it hilarious that they often make surprisingly funny faces. In the reference photo I used to draw this work the cat is on alert against a human hand as it is yet to be socialized. It makes a face like this and I wanted to capture this expression. But I have altered the situation so that this work will become a cheerful illustration. A huge scary human hand with a cat with this face could also make an impressive illustration, but I suspect it may become a bit sad artwork.

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