Welcome to my blog & online shop!
Here is a brief background of the owner…

– A Japanese animator producing short animated films utilizing computer graphics and soft pastel.
– Started participating in film festivals worldwide in 2016.

My works have been selected for screening at the following film festivals:

  • 21st Canberra Short Film Festival(2016, Canberra, Australia)
  • 1st WIPE Amateur International Film Festival(2016, Berlin, Germany)
  • 3rd Coventry International Film Festival(2016, Coventry, UK)
  • 12th Durango Independent Film Festival(2017, Durango, CO, USA)

– In 2018, started learning soft pastel for creating artworks for animated films.
– In the beginning of 2019, completed a new film “the sea of kahya” where I utilized soft pastel for the first time.
Now the work is under review of many film festivals around the world.

My latest work “the sea of kahya”:

I joined the Virtual Instructor in 2019, the world’s best online art lessons & community site.
While I was thinking about how I want to develop my next film, I had a feeling that the combination of ink-drawings for the majority part of the film and some pastel drawings for the change of the chapters would work best. So I started taking ink-drawing lessons at the VI and started drawing the scenes to be used in the next film.

For someone like me, who decides on what kind of film to make first, and then makes a move to acquire the artistic skills to make the film a reality, the VI is a perfect platform 🙂